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The Wishing-Table

People don't pick dusty fairytale books from shelf during an autumn evening, so they find themselves in an incredible world. They don't change into princes, they don't destroy dragons and they don't dance at a feast that lasts for seven days and seven nights. The fairytale world ends with closing of a book. By closing the MENU the fairytale just begins.

Once upon a time, beyond many crossroads towards Pezinok, a goose restaurant was crouching in Slovensky Grob. The Wishing Table it was called, where a roasted goose could be bought. Early evenings the smell of tender meat rose from the chimney, it widened nostrils, and all ten fingers were licked from the salty potato pancakes. The red cabbage drew a map on a tongue with its sweet-sour taste and mild, crispy roasted goose skin crackled under finger touch. Dark goose meat melted in mouth like butter and leaving feeling of delight. All those tastes were crowned with wine.

Experience the fairytale goose feast without the need to earn it in a medieval knight fight, travel to the end of the world or saving Rapunzel.

With closing of the MENU the fairytale just begins.

Looking forward to your visit